Monday, 25 April 2011

S&H's Kick-Off Campaign

          S&H Public Relations recently launched their first campaign to find the next best female MC. S&H is a new, Los Angeles – based public relations firm that aims to promote culture and new artists in Hip Hop. Their goal is to discover and provide affordable public relations to unknown artists around the globe in an attempt to give them greater exposure and subsequently improve the Hip Hop industry. The PR firm is disappointed with the lack of female stars in Hip Hop today and is looking to balance the male-dominated music scene. The organisation’s co-founder, Sebastien Elkouby, said, “No disrespect to Nicki Minaj but she shouldn’t be the only one to come up in most mainstream conversations about women in Hip Hop.” The company decided to launch a two-month campaign, from March to May, searching throughout the USA to find the next best female rapper. “We decided to launch S&H in March to coincide with Women’s History Month to send a message about the need for balance in Hip Hop,” said Elkouby. The campaign encouraged female artists with an online presence to send the company their music, which they would then listen to before making a judgement about  which is the best. The music was to have been sent in by the deadline of April 15, but this has been pushed back to May 15 to give artists more time to submit their best material. 
          In my opinion, this is a fantastic way for S&H to attract attention whilst kicking off their first campaign and it also brings them a step closer to accomplishing their ultimate goal. I think it was a great idea to launch the campaign during Women’s History Month, as people are focused on all things female. I admire the cause of the PR firm, and agree with the concept that there are not enough women rappers in the industry. I am glad to see that the company has kept the campaign classy, deciding not to hold auditions throughout the USA in the same vein as X Factor and American Idol. I am looking forward to seeing the results of the competition and hope S&H’s premier campaign will be a successful one. 

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  1. I feel that the point you make about the timing of this campaign is a poignant one, especially in this case where the female-based campaign is launched during Women's History Month. The value of getting the timing correct in launching a new campaign is immeasurable!